Moses basket FRIDA

Moses basket 

We like keeping the moles because it´s a classic that never lets down. This time, and instead of blue like in the previous model, they are grey. All the pieces of this model are reversible and it´s perfect as a complementary clothing in case you want to change it from time to time.

Carlos Baute and his couple picked this model for their baby among all the Moses baskets

Which fabrics have been used to make the clothing of this Moses basket?

For the Moses basket cover and the pockets, we have used the pique fabric of mole colour with a white and grey background, all of it in 100% cotton.

We have made the clouds and the rest of the set with 100% national cotton in white and grey.

From 299,00 IVA incluido

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If you had it opposite you, you´d see that:

*The nest is made with natural palm.

*The measurements are 86* 44*25 cm (the total height of the rocking chair is 62 cm).

You can choose between:

1. Laminated and anti suffocating mattress measuring 79 x 38 x 4 cm.

2. Organic mattress from Ecuskids measuring 75 x 40 x 8 cm (+50€)

You´d like to know that:

*The nest is detachable and authorized by the UE.

*It has the perfect height to have it next to your bed and so you can see the baby in the Moses basket at all times.

*With the legs of the rocking chair, your child will fall asleep with its own movement.

In the box you´ll find:

-Moses basket

-Legs of a white lacquered rocking chair. Made in UK

-Mattress and a saddle blanket

-A bag to store the textile when you stop using it

The filling textile of padding is composed of:

–  A Moses basket cover wrapping the inner side.

–  Bedspread

–  Pillow.

–  2 decorative cushions and a little bird.

Who is it for?

It´s for your baby from 0 to 4 months old

Weight 7 kg