General and legal conditions


Our shipping within the peninsula (including Portugal) is carried out by means of the most suitable Courier. International shipping: we cooperate with several agencies while looking for the best service.

Delivery time

Moses Basket: if we have them in stock, we’ll try to deliver them within 24/48 hours (with the exception of weekends, public holiday or in case the whole teamwork go on vacation). Take into account that being available on the online store doesn´t mean necessarily they’re in stock since they are made on the go

If it´s not in stock: from 1 to 2-3 weeks and depending on the model. In case we have all the necessary material, we can make and sent it in a couple of days. We love sending them as soon as possible.

We have our own workshop and due to the large number of models, we make them on the go, according to the order and prioritizing them depending on the Express or Standard delivery

We work with more than 15 providers because each Moses basket is made of several different pieces. Sometimes, there may be problems with the baskets from Morocco, the legs from England, the mattress from Murcia, the fabrics from England, USA, India or Berlin and so on. Because of that, all of our delivery times are relative and each model has its own background

Limited Edition models: around 3 weeks. The fabrics are imported and are exclusively bought according to the orders. That’s what having exclusive and nice things mean…

Basic models: we are trying to create a Stock of them but, and fortunately, we are always busy and everything has to be made on the go thanks to the fabrics we always have.

There can be exceptional situations, like the one we are living in 2020 and with the state of alarm, which has affected us with delays of around 2 months, something really unusual in us. Once overcome this mess, both us and our providers are working even harder than before so it doesn’t happen ever again, as well as for being able to supply everybody. Given these extraordinary circumstances, we can’t set a certain date

Clothes: Idem

International shipping: from 24/48h up to 3 weeks according to the country and availability. +4 days by land on Europe +2 days by plane to the Rest of the world. For more information, get in contact via email to


Marketing and discounts campaigns

Our brand reserves the right to launch the marketing and discount campaigns at any time, without previous notification and according to the products that are in stock and may be considered.

Under no circumstances, no refunds shall be allowed due to price differences between campaigns. In the same way, no complaints regarding this issue shall be accepted.

Shipping costs

Peninsula: Free

Baleares and Canarias: Check out the tariffs on our website (when it comes to make the order).

Europe: Check out the tariffs on our website (when it comes to make the order).

International: It depends on each country. Get in contact in case you don´t find your country in your order.

Duties: Cucos Baby will not be responsible for any duty cost of any country, either conflictive or not, and the customer will be the only one responsible for it.

For more information, get in contact via email to

Tracking your order

You´ll receive a tracking about the location of your order and the arrival date. In case there are changes between the making of the order and the delivery date, please send us an e-mail as soon as possible to:

Exchanges and reimbursements

CHECK OUT YOUR ORDER AS SOON AS IT ARRIVES: Once you receive your Moses basket, the next step is checking out and assembling it.

NO REFUNDS OR CHANGES ALLOWED FOR ANY OF THE PIECES OF THE MOSES BASKET FOR NOT HAVING ASSEMBLED IT AFTER 15 DAYS FROM THE PURCHASE DATE. The baskets are handmade, the legs are made to measure and there may be sets that don’t match 100% one to each other. That’s why they may not match after several months.

Unless there´s a brand mistake, of the product is damaged, the client will be the only responsible for the delivery costs of the refunds, without exception.

Moses Basket CUSTOM or MADE TO ORDER don’t allow neither changes nor refunds.

In case there’s a missing piece, get in contact with us to solve the issue as soon as possible (there are many of them and we might have left something behind). We beg you to assemble and check out the Moses basket properly. No pieces shall be changed after 15 days from the delivery date.

Limited Edition Models: Changes or refunds are allowed in 1 week. We make these models upon request and the fabric is purchased exclusively for you.

Other models: No money shall be refunded after 15 days from the delivery of the order, we give a coupon in its place. Without exception

Money refund: Available up to 15 days after receiving the product, and in case you’re not satisfied with it, it´s damaged or there’s a brand mistake. The company will try to solve the problem and the product will be replaced by an identical one. In case of not coming to an agreement, the money will be refunded, but the client will be the only responsible for the refund expenses.

Changes: Tell us what needs to be changed and we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Only changes or refunds allowed in non-used or damaged products due to brand errors (in this case, it will be created a file on Courier)

The products that are returned shall be placed in their original boxes and avoid washing or handling them. Once checked back in the origin destination, the money will be refunded with the exception of the shipping cost and as long as the complaint is correct.

The products shall be collected by our courier for the return. No other means of return are allowed.


Changes or cancellation due to delays: All our products are handmade and thus, there might be delays. Our deadlines go from 24 hours to 3-4 weeks. There may be cases in which, and due to Holidays, Christmas, summer and so on, everything is stopped and as a result, it may take a little bit longer. No changes or refunds due to delays of the delivery are allowed. In case you need your order urgently, we have an Express delivery option or also, you can get in contact and consult us directly. We are fully aware that your pregnancy is already long enough to receive your Moses basket before the due date and helping you is one of the tasks we love the most, we have Moses baskets in stock or others that can be sent super fast.

For any complaint, the email is

Cancel the purchase

In case you buy something on our website and change your mind before receiving the product, please get in contact with Cucosbaby as soon as possible ( to with the Subject: Purchase cancellation.

Payment methods

  1. Paypal through the website, you don´t need to have an open account on Paypal since the payment is made with the credit or debit card directly.
  2. Bank transfer. Your order will be processed as soon as the payment is confirmed in the account number provided
  3. With your card.
  4. Direct payment with Paypal me. We´ll contact you via email for special orders and custom.
  5. Defer me. The option of paying in installments is available. It´s as easy as following some few steps at the moment of the purchase (you´ll get your financing in no time – the only thing you´ll need to provide is your Name and Surname, ID/NIE, credit or debit card and the number of months for the payment). You´ll see here how it works