Moses Basket Polar Bear Nest

The Polar Bears hugging your baby in his Moses basket during his firsts months of life will create a very happy surrounding for your baby

Replace the bedspread of your Moses Basket to tuck your baby in by a matching sleeping bag with the same print; thanks to it, you´ll be sure that he won´t get uncovered all night long.

Which fabrics have been used to make the clothing?

They have been made with 100% glossy and print organic cotton.

From 299,00


    When will it arrive at home?

    It will arrive at home in 10 working days

    If you had it opposite you, you´d see that:

    *The nest is made with Polymer Des 100% PEAD.

    *The measurements are 90* 35*26 cm (the total height of the rocking chair is 62 cm).

    You can choose between:

    1. Laminated and anti suffocating mattress measuring 80 x 35 x 4 cm.

    2. Organic mattress from Ecuskids measuring 75 x 40 x 8 cm (+50€)

    You´d like to know that:

    *The nest is detachable and authorized by the UE.

    *It has the perfect height to have it next to your bed and so you can see the baby in the Moses basket at all times.

    *With the legs of the rocking chair, your child will fall asleep with its own movement.

    In the box you´ll find:

    – White Moses Basket with a hole at its base for the transpiration. Made in Up. It´s a design of a Moses basket with a modern touch.

    – Legs of a white lacquered rocking chair. Made in UK

    – A bespoke and authorised mattress for our nest

    – Textile with the clothing of your Moses basket

    The filling textile of padding is composed of:

    –  A Moses basket cover wrapping the inner side.

    –  Bedspread

    –  Pillow.

    –  2 decorative cushions and a little bird.

    Who is it for?

    It´s for your baby from 0 to 4 months old

    Saco de dormir

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