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The mini cradle for your baby
In case you prefer to have the baby´s bed in a room or if you want him to rest in a bit deeper cradle, then the mini cradle is perfect for you.


Why is it not recommended that babies sleep in a cradle during their first months of life?

Pediatrics recommend them to sleep-in a small place during these first months-.

The mini-cradle is perfect as your baby´s first bed (it´s a cradle but smaller – that is to say – its size is smaller – but allows the baby to feel safer as well-)

You should think that the newborn needs to feel wrapped everywhere, that his or her bead touches the upper part of the mini cradle to feel safe. You´ll see how this is a bit wider that the cradle (although the length is the same with 80 cm).
How long can your baby be in there?
Your baby will be able to be there until the first 8 months or until he or she starts getting up.

So the mini cradle –unlike the Moses basket – is bigger and has wheels and in CucosBaby®.

in CucosBaby® we design them with same textile material that we use for the Moses baskets.

Exterior fabric + saddle blanked + duvet cover + Pillow + Cloud + Star + Small bird + mattress + wood frame (either white or natural). In addition, these have an external pack to store the diapers  the dummy or whatever you want…
Are they safe?
Yes, they are authorized and in accordance with the regulation EN: 1130:1996. Stay a bit longer and check our models.

From 299,00 IVA incluido