Mini cradle WHITE

Mini cradle WHITE

The White Mini Cradle or White is now whiter than ever. 100% white

Give it a touch with colour with cushions, but you´ll receive it exactly as in the picture

Which fabrics have been used to make the clothing of this Moses basket?

We have used 100% white cotton fabric for the whole outfit. Complements included.

From 299,00

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If you had it opposite you, you´d see:

*That it has a very useful pocket on the external textile material ( and in which you can store pacifiers, diapers…)

* That the height of the set is 65 cm

*That the whole structure is quite stable, with wheels and brakes so the baby can be carried easily and safely

*That it´s made with lacquered beech wood in white colour and with non-toxic paints

You´ll love to know:

*That the measurements are:

*That the measurements of the structure are: 61 cm of width x 09,5 cm of length x 65cm of thickness

*That you can choose among two mattress models:

1.  Standard mattress: laminated and anti suffocation mattress 75*52*4 cm (Included)

3.  Organic mattress from Ecuskids 75*52*8 cm (Optional: recommended for its comfort)

*That the textile material is stable and washable in the washing machine  (at a temperature lower than 30º C)

*That it´s in accordance with the regulations EN: 1130:1996

You´ll find in the box:

– A duvet cover, cloud cushion, Star cushion and a matching little bird

– Saddle blanket

– Mattress

– Bed base

– External textile material

– White or natural wood structure with wheels.

Who is it for?

It´s for your baby from 0 to 8 months old