Vestidura Minicuna Bebé White

The White Mini cradle or White is now whiter than ever. 100% white.

You can give it a touch of colour with the cushion but even though, you´ll receive it exactly as in the picture.

This clothing is perfectly compatible with any structure of mini cradle of standard scissors.

Give it a try with the structure of natural wood to give it a more Nordic touch.

Which fabrics have been used to make the clothing of the textile material of this Moses basket?

We have used 100% white cotton fabric for the whole outfit. Complements included.

199,00 IVA incluido

The filling textile of padding is composed of:

– White exterior fabric with a pocket to store all your baby´s things.

  White duvet cover

– Saddle blanket

  2 decorative cushions and a little bird .

Who is it for?

It´s for your baby between 0 and 8 months old

When will it arrive at home?

It will arrive at home in 5 working days approximately