Baby Bassinet TOPITOS PINK

Baby bassinet TOPITOS Pink: A delight in pink

Combined with purple polka dots, pink-purple is a perfect combination.

You can choose between the standard Cucos baby mattress or the Organic

When will the bassinet arrive? In 10 days. You can choose express delivery to skip the queues, since they are sent in order of order. The bassinet is shipped complete and as you see it in the photo, with all the accessories. If we are missing any of them you may experience delays.


260,00 VAT included

Available on backorder

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The fabric is soft, light and delicate, which is why we have chosen 3 colors for this new collection.

This is the Pink with purple polka dots. A delight in pink.

If you were in front of this baby bassinet you would see that:

*Your basket is made with natural palm.

*Its measurements are 86 x 44 x 25 cm (total height from the ground with swing and basket 62 cm).

*Its untreated natural wood rocker is manufactured in the UK under European regulations.

You have the option to choose between:

1. Custom made mattress measuring 79 x 38 x 4 cm.

2. Ecuskids Organic mattress measuring 75 x 40 x 8 cm (+60€)

You will like to know:

*The basket is removable and is approved by the EU.

*It has the perfect height to have it next to the bed and sofa to watch your baby at all times.

*Its rocking legs allow your child to fall asleep due to the gentle rocking.

In the box you will find:

-Natural palm carrycot

-Natural wood rocker legs made in Uk

-Mattress approved and made to measure for our basket

-Textile with the garments of your moses

The textile is made up of:

– Bassinet cover that wraps the entire interior padded with wadding.

– Bedspread as a complete piece with non-removable cover

– Pillow filled with wadding so that your baby feels protected in his little head.

– 2 decorative cushions and a bird.

– 2 side pockets so you can store your baby's little things and keep them close at hand

For whom it is?

It is for your baby from 0 to 4 months

Why is this model precious ♥♥?

Washing Tips

And if you want to know more, enter our Youtoube channel (you will see our workshop and we will explain how the bassinet is assembled)

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