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Moses baskets for babies
Because their first bed must be UNIQUE AND VERY SPECIAL . We have imagined and made it come true.

Here you´ll see our three Moses basket models: Folk and Cuco, although you can also see the mini cradles in another section

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Why does a  Moses basket have so many advantages? :

Because it´s not heavy and  doesn´t need much space
Because it has the perfect height, from the bed or the sofa, you´ll be able to watch the baby without having to move.
Because the basket is detachable,   therefore, you´ll be able to carry the baby separately and always with you, he won´t miss his cradle and you won´t disturb him ( which is super important over the first months because he will be getting used to it).
Because its legs are rocking chair-like, you´ll seehow the baby falls asleep without help and with its own movement. This is one of the best advantages
Because it´s really really beautiful

Now well, look for the best model that fits your needs and, “while we´re at it”, the one with the most suitable design according to the style of your house

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