Sheets Yellow Vichy

Our sheets are compatible with our FOLK, NEST and CUCO Moses baskets. These sheets are made with 100% cotton and finished with embroideries

Which fabrics have been used to make the sheets?

We´ve used the 100% yellow vichy cotton for the top sheet + white embroidered fabric for the saddle blanket

From 30,00

  • Cuco or Nest
  • Folk
  • Organic

What will arrive at home?

A top sheet of 70 cm of width x 100 cm of length.

An adaptable saddle blanket for your little mattress.

If you´ve bought your Moses basket in Cucos Baby, then you should tell us the version you have in your order so we can send them to you with the right size

When will the sheets arrive?

They will arrive at home within 1 week

Who is it for?

It´s for your baby from 0 to 4 months


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