For calm nights, put your baby into a sleeping bag
Do you feel anxiety by thinking about your baby getting uncovered while sleeping? Thanks to these sleeping bags, your baby will be tucked in all night long.

And when you take him out from the bag, apart from loving it (both the sleeping bag and the small bird that matches it – it´s on the house – -). you´ll feel a lovely smell What´s that smell? – you´ll be thinking – and the case is that all of our sleeping bags are perfumed with some drops of Bvlgari Petits et mamans .


Why is a sleeping bag the perfect alternative for your baby?
Our sleeping bag will help you to have warm and calm nights. You won´t need sheets, blanket, bedspread or eiderdown (under the bag, you´ll be able to dress the baby with a cotton pajama or simply with a body – that´s totally up to you). 

Therefore, it will be very useful. It´s a safe bet so the baby doesn´t get uncovered and can move freely at the same time – the maximum comfort for your baby.

You´ll see how our sleeping bag is durable, lightweight and very easy when it comes to put it on and to take the baby out.

It can be used outdoors- while you´re taking him in his baby carriage-.

In addition, you can choose one matching the Moses basket or mini cradle ♥ of the same collection. 

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