Vestiduras de Moisés de bebé ROSE NUDE

COMPLETE CLOTHES include: 1 cubremoisés, 1 colcha, 1 almohada, 2 bolsillos a juego, 1 nube, 1 estrella  y un pajarito. Tejido de aldogon 100%


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Que incluyen las vestiduras ROSE NUDE


  • Cubremoises ROSE NUDE
  • 1 pillow, 1 quilt 
  • 2 matching pockets
  • 1 pajarito, 1 nube y 1 estrella 

♥Add a pack of fitted sheets or sheets to your clothes 

How do I know if my basket is compatible?

IMPORTANT: It only fits baskets with these or very similar measurements. If you want to know if your basket is compatible with 100%, measure it beforehand and if you still have questions, also send us a photo so we can help you at

OUR BASKET: 86 length x 44 width x 25 height cm. APPROX, if it varies a few cm it is also compatible.

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