What should you take to the hospital with you? Post-Checklist to not to leave anything behind

The hospital bag is similar to “a Mary Poppins’ bag, don’t you think? 👜 

There´s everything in there!


But, do you know exactly what you need to take to the hospital?

Take into account that you are in the final stages of your pregnancy…

And remember that at least 3 weeks before the date of birth, you should have already everything ready for both of you and the baby.

He might come before the due date…

And being proactive is totally worth it and with the stress of these last days, the last thing you need is to get nervous when the time comes..


maleta hospital


What should I take to the hospital?


What do I need to pack for myself?  


Add to your bag:

  • 2-3 nightgowns open at the front part to make it easier for you to breastfeed (if it’s necessary)
  • Slippers for “around the house”.
  • Robe (this way, it´s possible you feel more comfortable when visitors come)
  • Disposable underwear
  • 2 or 3 bras for breastfeeding (in case you want to do so)
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • Postpartum compresses
  • Absorbent discs.
  • In the toilet bag: gel, shampoo, toothbrush, fabric softener, toothpaste, hairbrush, moisturizer, hair cream, lip cocoa, deodorant, makeup, hair dryer, cream to take care of the skin if you are breastfeeding
  • Comfortable clothes to leave the hospital.

¿Qué tengo que llevar al hospital para mi bebé?

  • 4-5 pyjamas
  • 3-4 Bodies
  • 2 baby hats, because newborns lose heat from their heads
  • 2 pairs of baby booties / socks
  • Mittens so they cannot scratch with their nails, though touch is really important for your baby; sharpen the nails as soon as you can.
  • 4-5 bibs
  • 3-4 pacifiers (although these are not advisable until breastfeeding is established)
  • 4 small muslins
  • 2 lullabies to tuck your baby in
  • Newborn diapers
  • 1 bag to leave the hospital

Are you also one of those people who always forget the dirty clothes bag?

If that’s your case, just add it to the suitcase at this very same moment and cross your fingers so it doesn’t happen ever again…

Do you want to make your stay in hospital more bearable?

Take a book, some magazines, a notebook and even a pen would be advisable – they won’t hurt anyone and might even serve as an entertainment for visitors.

What documentation will I need?

Add your ID, social security or mutual card to your wallet and keep the pregnancy documents in a separate folder (analysis, pregnancy control book …)

And what about the father or companion? What should they take?

They must bring a change of clothes, a toilet bag with his cleanliness things, a camera or mobile phone and a mobile charger, and even some cash for the parking, television or coffee and to buy magazines or newspapers.

Ah! This is the last thing, once you get discharged, have you thought about the chair in the car? Discuss it with your companion to not to find yourself with all the junk, the baby in your arms and the small chair not assembled yet…

Well, that’s it, I think we have talked about everything…

Would you like to print it?

checklist lista hospital

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