Why should you know about Marie’s Kondo method before having your baby?

How to get ready for the arrival of the baby?

There’s no other option but to knuckle down already! .

Every time, it seems to be more and more obvious that you suffer from the “Diogenes syndrome…

And being honest, there’s no much time left before the baby arrives

Going on like this is not an option and it’s time to tidy up your house


¿Have you heard about Marie’s Kondo method ?


The Japanese Marie Kondo, also called as “the order guru”, has become really popular all over the world thanks to her great method.

You can even watch the whole season about how to tidy up the houses to get some inspiration and become happier on NETFLIX”

In Spain, it’s available since January, 1st, ¡GREAT!


But before Netflix, everybody knew her as:

La The Order Magic -her first book- became a worldwide BESTSELLER.

It was followed by <strong“Happiness after order”.

In addition, she also has an illustrated guide about her method and   even a very interesting graphic novel on manga -as a good Japanese she is:)- about how to make this change a reality.


And now (for the little ones), she has launched this book for they to learn about tidying up since childhood.

I LOVE Lili and Teo´s book 

And there´s no better time  ⭐ than this for you to learn and start making use of it.


Seriously, ndon’t think it twice.

You won’t believe how easy it is tidying up both your house and life thanks to her method.

There is no turning back with Marie Kondo’s method

There´s not, and the best part of it is that there won´t be rebound effect (unlike some diets).


It works.

Why should you start with Marie Kondo’s Method right away?


You´re more than used to living with your partner, so the arrival of your first child will be a total and “lovely mess ♥” .

With a baby at home, and as much as you want and try to avoid it, it will be very hard having your house tidied up.


Estefanía con el moisés Sauvage Garden


Practically impossible.


  • Because you won´t have time for anything else
  • Because you´ll have to feed and calm him, change the diaper…


And the very little time left will go to…

Resting and taking a shower, so tidying up will be the last one of your options definitely


So before the great arrival, you should really think about tidying up your life and house at once to make easier the new changes that are awaiting for you. 

Would you like to know her secret?

Which is the key factor of the Kondo’s method?


Well, the main idea is CLEANING OUT.

Keep only what makes you happy or it’s essential, nothing else 🤩 .


Marie Kondo speaker


Because all of us tend to keep lot of stuff at home.

And as a result, it’s very common keeping lots of “trash” for the typical just in case.


Have you heard about it?

Of course you have, because it makes you feel sad, because it cost a lot, because it was a gift…

In other words, any excuse is good enough

But from now on, all these excuses are over.


Let’s teach you the basis of the method ann the steps that need to follow to make this change a success

Follow a method 


Before getting started – ECH this in your mind  🔥 –  you need to organize by categories, not by places.

If you tidy up by rooms, then you won´t know what you got, not even talk about having a global perspective .

orden konmariAnd Marie Kondo suggests following these steps;


1# Clothes

Empty all your furniture (drawers, wardrobes, trunks) in which you have stored your clothes.

That way, you´ll see the  REAL VOLUME 😫.

You´ll find out that some of your clothes are very similar to each other and some others that you didn´t remember..

Think about it carefully, ¿What do you R-E-AL-L-Y use?

  • Keep exclusively the clothes you use and which make you look and feel good.
  • Don´t keep the clothes that make you feel sad or those that you think that can be used to be at home, or even as a pyjama (because you´ll continue keeping them but more importantly, don´t using them)



Or hasn´t it ever happened to you ?

  • Forget about separating your clothes according to seasons to have it always on hand.
  • Hang exclusively the clothes that “have” to be hung, such as delicate shirts or jackets. Put everything into groups, the longest and heavier clothes to the left and the slightest ones to the right.
  • T-shirts… How can I fold up my t-shirts? Fold them up according to the method to be stored in vertical.



manera doblar metodo kondo


Place the light ones at the front and classify them in colors. (at the end of the post, you´ll find some illustrations about how to do it, as well as the video in which Marie shows how to fold them up)


  • Note down this tip for the bags  – Store them up ones inside the others (but never more than two). And leave the handles outside-.


2# Books


Keep exclusively 30 books ( THIS IS A BIT MORE DIFFICULT 😱  -but not impossible-)

and only the ones you really “LOVE ♥” or also, those who are left to read.

Because every masterpiece has its moment WOULDN’T YOU AGREE?


categoria libros magia orden

Westing picture

3# Papers


For Marie Kondo, most of them can be directly THROWN AWAY 🗑 .

Nowadays, practically everything can be found on the internet (such as appliance guides, card extracts, invoices, chequebooks…).


papeles poner en orden metodo kondo
Imagen Westing


So store nothing but the most important documents:

contracts, bank loans, pending invoices, warranties, your notes from the school, diplomas…

Or whatever it´s still PENDING (invoices, appointments, etc

4# komono


Here we can include gadgets, CDs, chargers, papers, kitchen tools, bath items, makeup, dressmaking…

In other words, place in a single location all the scissors, umbrellas, wires….

You´ll see how you have more things than expected 👀.


There´s a lot to do with this category.



cuarto costura ordenado konmari


And to finish, we´re moving on to everything that has a sentimental value

5# Sentimental items


In other words, pictures, gifts, love letters…

Marie Kondo knows that the sentimental items are the hardest ones to throw out.

That´s why you have to do all the previous ones first, to be ready to do this too.

Do exactly as you have done with the other categories, PLACE everything together first and then just decide.


komono recuerdos orden konmari


Just save what “touches your heart .


💡 IDEA: For those items that are more difficult to throw away, she suggests something to make it less hard – and that is taking a picture of the item.


Ok, up to this point, the steps are quite clear…

And what´s coming next?


Here you´ll find the KEYS to succeed in the method.

Follow them to the letter


Keys factor of Marie Kondo’s method

Rule 1 #

How to choose whether to keep or throw away each one of the items?

Those thinks that make you happy, LISTEN TO YOUR 

orden es rodearte de lo que amas

Marie says that you have to grab EACH THING WITH YOUR HANDS and one by one.

It´s the only way to know if you want it or not.

Think about if it makes you happy, what will you use it for… and in case you choose not to keep it anymore, just thank it ( for the good moments that both of you have shared)


These two aspects (2 and 3) of Konmary’s method are SUPER IMPORTANT

Rule 2#


That´s it, do it IN ONE GO and the fastest you can, not slowly

Marie thinks that tidying up your house in one go is the best way to make the mind change more effective.

Rule 3#


Don´t let anyone influence your decisions, be faithful to yourself.

Rule 4# 

First of all, THROW EVERYTHING AWAY  and then start tidying up

konmari desprendete ropa


Start throwing away, gifting or even selling your things and once that part is done, then store and organize everything.

Leave the items piled up on the floor and check out each one of them carefully to choose what you want to keep with you and because it makes you happy or it´s really necessary.

Rule 5#


Be thankful and think about the use you´ve done for each one of the things you´re about to throw away.




Trash everything you don´t use, “and don´t use the typical tip of storing it in the storage or in your parents´ house?”.

That´s forbidden…

Rule 6#


Every item needs its place, along with its discard, the other basic rule to keep and maintain the order in your house.

Have you ever looked for your GLASSES or even a pair of SCISSORS and you didn´t know where were them? This is what happens when things have not a fixed location.




Marie Kondo claims that giving a place to each thing is like housing it.

And I can assure you that if there´s something out of place, you´ll spot it and place it in its right place…

Besides, you´ll see how you have more things that expected…and you´ll find anything you need in no time.

If you keep storing the same things in several places around your house, you´ll never be aware of how many things you really have and as a result, you´ll never end organizing anything.


This is how Marie Kondo tidies up:


Apart from saving everything by the categories, organize (for example, the t-shirts by colors and from the lightest to the darkest one, the books by topics…)…).

This way, you´ll find whatever you need in no time and everything will have its place.

There´s no need to buy anything ( you can use the shoes boxes for your socks, wires…) and your drawers will be forever perfectly organized.



The most important aspect is storing everything vertically and not horizontally in the drawer, in that way, you´ll save some room and everything will be perfectly visible.

cajones ordenados marie fondo

plegado correcto marie kondo


Fold your clothes several times to make them stand still in vertical position.

Watch the video of Marie Kondo teaching you how to fold the clothes properly.


This way, you´ll see everything at FIRST SIGHT.

You´ll see how after following these instructions to the letter, you´ll feel more relaxed and how it takes you less time to tidy up your house. Besides, and from now on, every time you want to buy anything, you´ll think it twice (since you´ll know exactly what you got).


In Cucos Baby We have been following this process from long ago at Cucos Baby but on a large scale.




So now, do you want to reach the NIRVANA OF ORDER? Not having to clean out every again?
Tell us what you think about it.
But wait! Don´t leave us yet…


Shall we continue with Marie Kondo, shall not us?

Okay…so now that you seem to know how to organize your house (which would in a certain way like preparing the nest for the bay) 😉



Or if you´re also tired of too order, then read these others… that´s up to you, there´s plenty to choose among…


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